Authentication Methods supported by NEo4j

What are the Authentication method supported by neo4j?
1] Can we create the UTF8 user and password in Neo4j ?

Hi, you can use User and Password from a driver and LDAP

I believe Neo4j is fully UTF8, see reference quote below with notes on client locale

"even though Neo4j is UTF-8 (and fully capable of handling German umlauts), if you run the same query on a client that runs English locale and on a client that runs German locale, you’ll end up with different results."

Reference: Welcome to the Dark Side: Neo4j Worst Practices

Thanks For reply. My question is "what is the database query to create the "UTF8" user ?

Query would be helpful here.

See docs here

Administration : Users and Roles

(note version selection for documentation is a drop down menu in top right)

Note there are additional ways, some of which are being deprecated going forward

e.g. Deprecated security procedures

Thanks fro the Reply Joel. I am using Neo4j 3,5.14 and there " CREATE USER jake IF NOT EXISTS SET PASSWORD 'xyz'" is not working.
I have created user with " CALL" but when i tried to create UTF-8 user with this getting below error.

neo4j> CALL'ヨゲシュ', 'ヨゲシュ', true);
Username 'ヨゲシュ' contains illegal characters. Use ascii characters that are not ',', ':' or whitespaces.

I checked that the config file has "UTF-8" encoding parameter.

please do let me know your thought on this.

Hello @deshmukh.yogesh136 and sorry for the delay :confused:

It's not because you are using UTF-8 encoding that you will can use every characters available around the world. But you should be able to use characters from this list

Moreover, I advice you to use alias in your case, for example instead of ヨゲシュ, use USER_1 or something like this :slight_smile:


Thanks Cobra for the information. So dose it means neo4j dint support Japanese character ?

According to this article, you can store japanese values:

But I don't think you can create users or databases with non utf-8 characters :slight_smile:

Thanks Cobra. That's what i want confirm that i can't create database user or db name with UTF-8 character like Japanese in Neo4j.

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There is no way i can create Neo4j db user with UTF-8 character correct ?

You can create databases and users with UTF-8 characters but japanese characters are not encoded in UTF-8.

I tried the character set provided by you above comment and tried to create the user but still getting same issue.


Username 'test¥ä1' contains illegal characters. Use ascii characters that are not ',', ':' or whitespaces.

The error is pretty clear:

Username 'test¥ä1' contains illegal characters. Use ascii characters that are not ',', ':' or whitespaces.

Use ASCII characters from this table but not , and not : :slight_smile:

How can i create UTF-8 user by using only ASCII character ?

Use only ASCII characters.

Thanks cobra. Let me go through once.

One last question ..what if customer is Japanese then how they create the users in Neo4j with Japanese language ?

You will have to translate them into ASCII characters :confused: