AuraDB Storage Usage 100% despite removing nodes


I am using AuraDB Professional and we have been using the monitoring metrics to monitor our db size. At a certain point last week, we were at 98% of storage usage on a 64gb usage with (~170milliion nodes) so we pushed up a code change to remove about ~20 million nodes.

The odd thing is our storage has continued to go up. We are now at 100% storage usage yet can still query and read/write fine. When I do a query such as

match (u) return count(u)

I can confirm that we have indeed removed 20 million nodes, yet our database size continues to go up.

When running the :sys_info command, it also says that our STORE SIZE is 79.38gb with our total database being 77.18GB. How is this even possible when we are only paying for a 64gb machine?

Looking into any insight on how to fix this situation and why removing nodes and edges doesn't lower the store size.