Aura Push to Cloud Tool Import error

Hi Attempting to start using Aura for my startup project.

I have a local database that I would like to push to cloud for testing.

Using the cloud push tool
Step 1 works
bin/neo4j-admin help push-to-cloud
returns the instructions/help

bin/neo4j-admin push-to-cloud --bolt-uri --database graph.db

bolt: No such file or directory

Am I supposed to specify this and if so where do I find it?


Hi Andy,

The --bolt-uri command line option should be the bolt+routing URI for your Aura database. You can check the URI in your list of databases in Aura.

So your entire command should be something like:

bin/neo4j-admin push-to-cloud --bolt-uri bolt+routing:// --database graph.db


Hi Cory,

Thank I got it to work.