Aura "Professional" Service question to use production level

Hello, Aura Team.

My team considers Aura Professional Service to integrate our product. I read Aura FAQ(Neo4j AuraDB – Frequently Asked Questions) and Aura feedback webpage(, But some explanation is not clear or some feature not mentioned above documentations.

  1. Does Aura Professional support causal cluster?
    This article explained Aura is a causal cluster(3nodes), But I doubt that only "Enterpise" feature to 3 nodes supports.

2.Is it supports log systems?
I want to know that how to prevent exhausted connection pool? Aura Dashboard doesn't display any connection info(or metric).
(Display DB connections on Aura Dashboard | Feature Requests | Neo4j)
Like above feature request, I should have to monitor CPU/Memory usage, Is it possible to provide any alert(notification) systems?

3.I want to know how to use Aura Professional service to implement "Multi geography" with Neo4j DB.
I hope that one server has to support North America, and another server supports to Asia(Taiwan) server. Is data synchronization between two servers possible?

4."Aura Enterprise" explicitly announced Uptime SLA(99.95%). I wondering how neo4j staff support this. After installed Neo4j Causal Cluster(with Enterprise License) in my account's AWS VPC, Does Will Neo4j expert manage that to satisfy SLA?

5.Unfortunately I feel that Aura Professional resources too lack. Almosts brochure/introductions explained Aura Enterprise(I can't figure out comparison between professional and enterprise). I want to know more deeply explanation for professional service.
(I'm also read neo4j aura comparison table, Cloud & Self-Hosted Graph Database Platform Pricing | Neo4j Pricing)

Thank You.
KgwangHee Han.

Hello there KgwangHee,

My name is John, one of the Aura Product Managers here at Neo4j. I'll try and answer your questions in turn.

  1. Aura Professional is utilising Causal clustering. We leverage this functionality to roll out changes and keep the instances on the latest version of the Neo4j product, without any downtime. Note also, Aura Professional, the DBaaS, is running Neo4j Enterprise server in that causal cluster. This is different to "Aura Enterprise DBaaS" which also runs Neo4j Enterprise server, but provides additional security value to the DBaaS delivery of that Neo4j instance. It's worth noting for completeness that Aura Free Instances are also Neo4j Enterprise databases, delivered as a DBaaS, with logical constraints on their size.

  2. No we don't currently have alerting or notifications based on the metrics at this time. Please upvote any equivalent requests, or file a new one on our feature request wall, which you can access by logging in here , and clicking on "FEEDBACK" in the top menu bar.

  3. This functionality is not currently possible in Aura Professional, in an automate fashion within the system. Again please put requests of this nature onto the Feature request wall.

  4. The SLA of 99.95% uptime, as mentioned here : Cloud & Self-Hosted Graph Database Platform Pricing | Neo4j Pricing is explicitly only for Neo4j Instances running within the Aura Enterprise DBaaS offering, where we create and manage the database for you through your Aura Enterprise contract. This SLA is not applicable to a user running an instance with an Neo4j Enterprise license, in their own AWS account.

  5. Please follow the "Contact Us" link on the Cloud & Self-Hosted Graph Database Platform Pricing | Neo4j Pricing page relating to the Neo4j Aura Enterprise offering, to get more explicit insight into the Professional Services that you can get access to under our Neo4j Aura Enterprise offering. It is beyond the scope of a community update to go into that level of details.

I hope this has proved helpful, please let me know what further I can help you with.

Kind Regards

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Dear John.

Thanks for the explanation. It is more clear to me to understand Aura Services.

I have more questions about Enterprise.

After reading your answers, I realized that Enterprise can distinguish "Aura Enterprise DBaaS" and "Enterprise Server" which is installed in Cloud.

If I hope that use more feature which supported by "Enterprise" License and Fully managed service, I can choose "Aura Enterprise DBaaS".

Or I hope that same feature as Enterprise License, Can I implement Causal Cluster in Cloud use Enterprise License?

From KgwangHee Han.

Hello KgwangHee,

I am glad I was able to help.

To re-iterate again, Aura Enterprise offering is something you sign up to with Sales, where Aura deploys and manages a Neo4j Causal cluster for you, a DBaaS. We do the hard work of hosting.

This is fundamentally different from you purchasing a Neo4j Enterprise license from Neo4j, and then going and setting up all the hosting for yourself on a Cloud platform, where you will own and mange the hosting and uptime of the cluster.

So you can do either. The value of Aura Enterprise (DBaaS) is that we take all the heavy lifting of hosting and provide an SLA for uptime.


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