Aura - Backup


I've read the article of Cory as regards backup of Aura-DBs:

What exactly is meant by "Aura console"? Is this avail via the browser or via the Neo4j-Desktop app?

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Hi Joachim,

The Aura console is the web interface used to manage and create your Aura databases. It's distinct from Neo4j Desktop, and has its own copy of the browser built into it, along with Bloom for data visualization. Just click the "Open with" button in the box with the database you're working with to open either one.


ok, thanks for prompt reply. That's what I thought, but I cannot find the "more details"-option you've mentioned in your blogpost.

The interface in the console changed recently to make things flow a bit better. The "more details" link was removed; now, you just have to click the name of the database.

The kb article is being updated to reflect this change. It must have been overlooked in the update process but we're fixing that now.

THX for your reply. Now I got it. :grinning: