At first glance

First let me say I am a new user to the desktop and to graph.
That being said, where do you import a graph script from at the interface?
There is an import option, but it just takes to a folder, and no way to select what to import.
There is a terminal ... lol
Shouldn't there be a way to paste cypher into the graph on the graph section?
Just some instinctive thoughts because it's as far as I got.
I mean even a freaken text file editor has a way to open a text file.


I agree that there is a learning curve with any new technology. As with any new platform, what I had expected did not exist either. However, I quickly learned Neo4j and luckily there are plenty of choices for online training, here and elsewhere.

You can start where I first started:

I love Neo4j--go for it! I think you will enjoy it too!


It sounds like you're still in the Neo4j Desktop section, which is used to create, setup, and configure Neo4j graph instances as well as graph apps.

To interact with a database that you've created, you will need to open up the Neo4j Browser and log in to the graph (you can either launch a web browser window to "http://localhost:7474/browser/", or press the Manage button for the database and then press the Open Browser button near the top). At that point you will have a query input area where you can type in, paste, and execute Cypher.

There is also a Favorites tab (the start icon on the left side of the browser window) that allows you to save scripts as well as a drag and drop area to to execute a file of Cypher code.

Hope this helps!