Asymptomatic Covid tracking (credit card fraud approach)

Github: marcusze/covid-tracking


More than 1/3 of the retirement homes in Sweden report Covid-19, despite having strict visit restrictions and health controls of employees.
The objective of this project is to identify asymptomatic Covid-19 carriers among employees in retirement homes quicker and more accurate.


We find inspration from fraud detection of skimmed credit cards.
The analogies are

Credit card fraud Covid tracking
Credit card transactions Patient visits
Fraudulent transactions Infected patients
Skimmed terminals Asymptomatic carriers


  1. Visit logs
  2. Infected risk patients / elderly


  1. Ranking of most probable asymptomatic carriers among caretakers
  2. Probability of future infected patients


Check out the detailed project decription, illustrations and screenshots in the shared pdf here.

Illustration of the search algorithm

Data model from simulations

Next steps & Contributions

  1. Live trials and feedback: Looking for collaboration partners to conduct real searches on real data. They will be able to customise the solution to their needs.
  2. Algorithm and data model improvements: Open for suggestions
  3. Tech improvements: Open for suggestions
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