Associations in Neo4j

I have a question rather scientific in type. It is written in all sources that Neo4j is not an associative database.

Is it possible to have associations instead of relationships when using Neo4j ?

I saw certain materials about Neo4j.rb but I do not know how it works.
Could you please give me any examples of using associations in Neo4j if, of course there is such option here ?

I wasn't clear on what an "associative database" is.

I found this article that is helpful: The return of the associative database? – Bloor Research

associative databases have one crucial advantage over graph databases, which is that while the latter is about entities and relationships between those entities, an associative database not only encompasses associations (aka relationships) between entities but also associations between associations. For example, in a graph database expressing a nuclear family you might have father related to mother, father related to son and mother related to son: that’s three entities and three relationships. In an associative database, on the other hand, you have a ‘child of’ association that associates with the mother-father association. In other words you still have three entities but only two associations.

I suppose you could have UUID value as a property in a relationship that points to another relationship (or even another Node), but that seems like it would get ugly.... (Note: do not use the built-in Neo4J id as those values get recycled after a Node or Relationship gets deleted. You need to use the UUID library to uniquely identify each relationship.)

What is it that you are trying to do exactly?

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