Assigning Static IP to Causal Cluster Deployment on GCP

Hi Everyone!

Is anyone familiar with assigning a static IP to a VM causal cluster instance of neo4j running on GCP?

I can successfully deploy a marketplace instance and then navigate to the URL / log in no problem under the standard ephemeral IP setup; however, I'd like to assign a static IP for the cluster so that I can use it as the backend of a web app.

When I attempt to assign an IP that I've reserved to VM1 (entry point) on the cluster and then navigate into the browser via the new (static) IP it eventually times out. If I remove the assignment to the static and just go back to the default ephemeral for the instance it will work again.

Any thoughts here?

Thanks! appears it may be a timing issue for GCP to get everything to sync. From what I can tell now, it seems to be working as expected after the pause-unpause of the VMs in the cluster in terms of getting out to the static IP and having data persist as expected.

Extension to this question though...if I have a 3-VM cluster set up by default and want to (for cost reasons) just keep the lead VM up most of the time (eg pause the other 2) is that "safe" from a data integrity standpoint?

thanks again!