Asset Management System for Visual Effects

Hi all, This time last year I started my journey in exploring Neo4j as a tool for one of the projects I started work on.

I am a Visual Effects Technical Director, developing visual effects for movies as my day job. An Asset Management System is vital for us as it allows artists and production to keep track of assets being generated during the lifetime of a show (VFX lingo for a movie)

If you are curious about the VFX computer graphics process, I have shared some details about it in the blog post too.

I hope you find it interesting to see Neo4j being used in a slightly more unconventional field.

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Really cool, thanks so much for sharing.

This could be also a really nice topic for a Neo4j Online meetup @lju

Thanks Michael, glad you liked it.

Quick question for community:

I am using neomodel at the moment to communicate to Neo4J in Python since it provides nice Object oriented models to translate the data model I designed. Is there any better alternative to neomodel that the community leans towards?

hi @pandayhbhaves,
the link seems to be not working for the blogpost

Apologies, only now saw your reply.

Here is the url (updated):