Asking for suggestions about how to import json-ld format rdf data into neo4j through neosematics or APOC

data source:""
Using neo4j server v3.5.x
At the very begining, I convert the json-ld data to rdf/xml format.
I have tried to import the coverted data through neosematics for 3 days. The result is awful, there are defined relationship in the data through p~, but the graph doesn't map them.
Today I try to import the data in json-ld format through APOC, but I failed too. I can't find the document about how to import json-ld format data.
I hope someone could help me find out the progress of import the data above, please!

My result:

I hope the nodes shows its label.value but not the url -ID, and the property ID and class ID on the left side could map its value