Arrows tool not working properly

Hi everyone,

I am facing some problems with arrows. When I select a node I am not able to unselect it and everything messed up.

Any advice will be appreciated.

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Ah the arrow tool. It's great except when it's not. I don't believe the arrow tool is a fully supported project by Neo4j but rather something a very helpful engineer has created and is widely used by the community. There are ways to get around the issues that can pop up with the arrow tool but that's mostly just something you'll find with trial and error. I'm sorry I know that's not a simple answer.

Hi @MuddyBootsCode,
thanks for your comment. You won't believe but your comment helped me. Key words: "trial and error".

I edited the Markup and found this block was breaking the graph:

<li class="node" data-node-id="10" data-x="-466.00863808045267" data-y="337.93979099444095">
    <span class="caption">MLFB</span>
	<dl class="properties">
		<dt>order_no</dt><dd>"3 A H 5 3 1 4 – 4 U C 2 0 – 2 A H 2 – Z F 2 0"</dd>

The reason behind, I really don't know. My only advice if someone faces a similar issue, apply the network troubleshooting principle and cut the Markup in the middle and start testing if it works, if yes add the middle of the second half, if not, cut the first half again in two parts and so on until you find the problematic section.

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Hi everyone,
hier the reported issue (still open) and a workaround: Importing markup with certain characters breaks UI interactions · Issue #24 · apcj/arrows · GitHub


Great, glad to see that I helped in anyway and that it's making the arrow tool better.