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Hello, I had some troubles with Arrow tool... is there some guidelines to create multiple relationships on top of already existing ones ?

Hi Jean-Philippe,

I am not quite sure what you mean, do you mean to create more than one relationship between two nodes?



Hi Lju, in fact its an UI issue: with the Arrow Tool on my Google Chrome I'm not able to to define a relationship between two already existing nodes... there is now way to use the blue circle on an existing node to attach a relationship to the other node by dragging and dropping the temporary node on top of the already existing one... it is quite difficult to explain with text, any idea of what is wrong with my computer setup ?
I would like to show you with a short video... but I do not have currently an installed tool for that on my Office Laptop...

Sorry to hear you're having challenges! Perhaps for now, do a hand-drawn submission for the competition and take a picture and submit that. We can investigate what challenges you're having meanwhile

Can you please confirm that you received my inputs for this week SoN challenge ?
I have already sent my files via the link: Summer of Nodes - Challenge One

And here is a link to my Google Drive folder with my inputs for SoN Challenge:

We can confirm we've received your entry :)

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Hi Lju, I was able to make a video capture of my screen, cf.

The good news is that after rebooting my PC today, there is now only an "offset" remaining of the node icon that I drag & drop.. this is working fine for me but the only missing feature is to be able to do a Node with an arrow pointing back to itself... Is it possible with the Arrow Tool ?
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Fantastic news that you're up and running :)

Unfortunately that's one drawback with Arrows, doing a self-referencing relationship doesn't visualise well!