Are you an Elixir user?! If yes, would you like to push the boundaries for more advanced use-cases i.e. causal clusters, multi tenancy and more? Daring testers wanted :)

We're working on the docs and adding final touches to the Neo4j driver for Elixir: Bolt.Sips, and we need your feedback. The development of the latest version was moved to the public area (on GitHub), for offering you an early preview of what's coming.

The documentation for the new features, functions and modules, including the new docs/ sections, etc. is work in progress pretty much, however, the code is stable and it can be used for experimenting with the new features introduced by this version:

  • routing
  • role based connections
  • multi-tenancy
  • better support for errors
  • and so much more

If anyone here using Elixir, for connecting to Neo4j, and wanting to test this new version, then we'd love to have your feedback. You can use this new driver for connecting to a single Neo4j server, to a Neo4j causal cluster or to ... multiple servers ... or to .. multiple clusters, concurrently! w⦿‿⦿t! :slight_smile:

If you're interested, please join our project at, and we'll be happy to work with you through examples, while augmenting our docs. If you have suggestions or spot the inherent bugs, or have ideas about how to improve the driver, then your PRs will be valued in gold (Open Source gold, but still :wink: )!

Thank you!