Apoc.uuid.install in Kubernetes

I'm running a Neo4j instance (version 4.2.2) in a pod within a Kubernetes cluster, in standalone mode. The server starts, I can create, find and update nodes and relationships, however, when trying to install a UUID using CALL apoc.uuid.install("Asset", {uuidProperty: "identifier"}) , the procedure hangs and never seems to finish.

I'd also like to mention that apoc.uuid.enabled=true is set in neo4j.conf, I've set a constraint on the designated UUID field before running install and I can't find any errors in the logs. I've also tried this functionality in non-K8s environments and I have no problem using it there.

The helm charts used for this deployment are taken from GitHub - neo4j-contrib/neo4j-helm: Helm Charts for running Neo4j on Kubernetes [DEPRECATED].

Could you please help me with instructions to fix this issue?

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I have a similar problem in that I'm running an instance within an ECS cluster, I have also checked for config and constraints and my queries hang and never finish. I am running 4.2.4.

The only indicator of anything suspicious that I can see is that I end up with 100% CPU utilisation and a sharp drop-off in memory usage. This only recovers when I replace the container with a new one to force the queries to be killed.

CPU Provision: 512MB
Mem Provision: 2048MB

If anyone has any ideas here that would be amazing. So far my only option is to handle all UUIDs in the application - something I'd rather not have to do.