APOC Rename and Merge Nodes

Hi Graphistas!

Im running Aura professional and I created a graph which I now have populated with data. Unfortunately I made a small mistake in the node type and now I have two node types: Identifier and identifier.

I want to consolidate them so the strategy is to first rename the identifier to Identifier and then Merge them with mergeRels true.

I created a sample graph and the following queries to perform this transformation

Rename old label

WITH collect(i) AS ids
CALL apoc.refactor.rename.label("identifier", "Identifier", ids)
YIELD committedOperations
RETURN committedOperations

Merge nodes with rels.

MATCH (i:Identifier)
WITH i.id AS id, collect(i) as nodes
CALL apoc.refactor.mergeNodes(nodes, {properties: {`.*`: 'combine'}, mergeRels:true})
YIELD node
RETURN count(*)

When I do this on Neo4j Desktop it works great, when on Aura it doesnt do anything.
Here's the sample graph

CREATE (:Device {id: "device2"})-[:HAS_IDENTIFIER {created_at: 432432, updated_at: 432432}]->(:identifier {id: "A"})<-[:HAS_IDENTIFIER {created_at: 21212121, updated_at: 453543}]-(:Device {id: "device1"}),
(:Device {id: "device33"})-[:_RELATED]->(:identifier {id: "B"}),
(:Identifier {id: "A", propertymustsaved: "true"})

Would appreciate any guidance you have!

Thank you

You did the exact same mistake in both Aura and Desktop?

The state of your database must be different I guess or do you get any error while using Aura?
Aura doesn't include all the functionnality of apoc full, it's just a core version of apoc but I think merge should be part of it.