Apoc.refactor.to fails when using graphaware uuid plugin

I have a neo4j server which uses Graphaware uuid plugin and I am trying to use apoc.refactor.to to redirect a relationship but it thorws an error with litte information, I saw the code for apoc and I think this happens when it tries to copy relationships properties from the existing one to the new one, when that happens this Graphaware Uuid plugin prevents uuids to be mutated.

I have faced this very same issue with other apoc.refactor procedures, I'd like to be able to use this procedures without having to allow the uuid to be mutated.

Any help is welcome. :slight_smile:



For some reasons I didn't had the issue with refactor.from and .to but using mergeNodes.
I finally came over excluding the uuid attribute inside the config.

call apoc.refactor.mergeNodes(nodes, {properties: {uuid:'discard'}, mergeRels: true}) yield node

Maybe this one helps you finding a workaround...

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