APOC NLP (Amazon) error due to "the trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty"

hello all,
having downloaded the APOC NLP plugin (apoc-nlp-dependencies- into a Community 4.04 instance, I've had no issues using the apoc.nlp.aws.* procedure on my local MacBook, works wonderfully.

When repeating the process on a Community AMI on an EC2 instance, I get the error:

Failed to invoke procedure apoc.nlp.aws.keyPhrases.stream: Caused by: java.security.InvalidAlgorithmParameterException: the trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty

I've been on something of a stack overflow trawl and found Ubuntu Java versions possibly causing this issue, but i wanted to ask first if this is possibly due the EC2 server not having SSL set up?

I'm keen to avoid configuring Java - or changing versions, say - as it's not something I know (Java, nor am I a Linux/OS person), nor do i know how else this would impact the AMI set up - hence the use of a preconfigured AMI.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Graham, welcome to the community.
I noticed there is a new release for the nlp-dependencies.

Could you give that one a try?

Hi Paul - thanks for the suggestion :+1: and the welcome, I will try this over the weekend.
I'm on 4.0.4 of community, and there is a 4.0.5 available (soon 4.1.1 too I guess) so can also perhaps try updating to that version on the Ubuntu AMIs with the latest NLP, but no issues on my local (MacBook) instance with 4.04 and NLP
Thanks again,

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It might be an issue related to the SSL/TLS certifications on each environment.

Recently I had similar issues with different behaviour on Ubuntu and macOS in a Python script which aborted due to this.

You might want to try to do


on the Ubuntu install and see if that helps.

I did see mention of that in my search, I'll read up a little more & add it to the list of things to try :+1:

I ended up finding time today to rebuild my instance from the new 4.1.0 AMI. This came with apoc- preinstalled.
I then manually added the NLP from the APOC release, and also updated the APOC jar.
I am also using the Data Science 1.3.0.
All working fine together, entities being extracted - thanks again for the input, it nudged me to updating all to latest :)

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Great to hear its all ok now, tracking latest is a good idea ;-)