APOC Metadata Procedure Unavailable - Error when Launching NEuler

Hi Community,

I'm relatively new to Neo4j. I'm trying to launching NEuler, cannot pass through Checking APOC plugin

The following line has been already added into neo4j.conf

Check APOC in Neo4j Browser, it is
CALL apoc.meta.schema() YIELD value RETURN count(*) AS count;
cannot pass

error message:

Neo.ClientError.Procedure.ProcedureCallFailed: Failed to invoke procedure `apoc.meta.schema`: Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException

Running Neo4j Destop on Windows System

Can anybody help me? Thanks!

Hello @xiajing.li10 and welcome to the Neo4j community :slight_smile:

Make sure to have this both rows (wrote like this) in the neo4j.conf file:


Can you try this query:

CALL apoc.meta.schema() YIELD value


Hi Cobra,

Thanks for your kind reply. I tried but it is still not working.

It is that query returns error message

CALL apoc.meta.schema() YIELD value
Failed to invoke procedure `apoc.meta.schema`: Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException

Besides, I found that in the conf file, allowlist is automatically set as unconfigured

# A comma separated list of procedures to be loaded by default.
# Leaving this unconfigured will load all procedures found.

I'm not aware of which is the key to the problem, unrestricted, allowlist or whitelist..


  1. Shutdown the database
  2. Open the neo4j.conf file
  3. Uncomment these rows (see under)
  4. Restart the database

Hi Cobra,

Sorry for the late reply. I have switched to python driver coding for some time.

And regarding those configurations, I did the exact changes but still it didn't work. I guess there might be problems in plugin path (from java error message) but I haven't found the solution. I think it need to be reported to NEuler development team.

Thanks! I appreciate your help.

Best regards,

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Also tried:

  • reinstall NEuler (no help)
  • reinstall APOC (no help)

I don't really want to reset my whole database and reinstall Neo4j. So I will leave it as it is for now until it get solved.

For what it's worth, I was having a similar problem with NEuler failing to load and suggesting the config change. Making the change didn't fix it. It turned out to be a problem with the schema - I had a node with a label that had a space in it (the schema was created in Arrows and loaded via cypher; that worked fine and the other operations in the browser worked fine). Running the apoc.meta.schema() call found it. Removing the space fixed it.

Your null pointer may be something similar with the schema proper.


To add another data point, this was resolved for me by spinning up a fresh local database, implying this was something caused by the data already there. It's not clear what though, as there was very little of interest stored in it.