Apoc.export.cypher.schema(/foo/bar, {}) file not found /mnt/foo/bar

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Using this or any of the other exports apoc.export.cypher.schema - APOC Extended Documentation

I get an issue where it tells me that: Failed to invoke procedure apoc.export.cypher.schema: Caused by: java.io.FileNotFoundException: /mnt/var/lib/neo4j/data/schema (No such file or directory)
even though my call looks like:
<CALL apoc.export.cypher.schema("/var/lib/neo4j/data/schema", {});>

Why does it add /mnt ?
and how can I make it stop so i can write the schema to where i ask it to.

Im running neo4j 4.2.3 community edition in a kubernetes cluster.
connection to the database works. And the export outputs something if call it as
<CALL apoc.export.cypher.schema();>

but as soon as I add a path it complains about /mnt

Hope someone can help.
Kind regards
Jacob :blush: