Apoc.date.parse not work in Neo4j Desktop for mac OS?

I can execute the following command in neo4j Sandbox, neo4j desktop of Linux(ubuntu 18), but when I execute it in Neo4j desktop for mac OS

return apoc.date.parse('Jul 12, 2019', 's', 'MMM dd, yyyy')

I get the following error

Failed to invoke function `apoc.date.parse`: Caused by: java.text.ParseException: Unparseable date: "Jul 12, 2019"

I have tried this on server 4.1.1, 4.1.0, 4.1.2, 3.5.17, all of them not working.

My Neo4j Desktop is v1.3.8.

Let me ask the "is the machine plugged in" question. Do you have APOC procedures installed on your instance? If not, you may not have access to them, as APOC isn't installed by default. In case it's not there you can follow these steps Neo4j APOC Library - Developer Guides to install it.

Yes, I can run the function apoc.load.json in the same machine without any problem.

Try this:
RETURN apoc.date.format(apoc.date.parse('Jul 12, 2019', 'ms', 'MMM dd, yyyy'), 'ms', 'yyyy-MM-dd')


Hi Sen,

I reassure you, this problem occurs also in Neo4j aura. For the moment, i didn’t dive on this issue. I kept as à string for now the value. The alternative is to using substring. 


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