apoc.cypher.runSchemaFile not working

I'm running version 3.5.12 and am trying to use APOC to load in some data on database startup. The database starts and the log file shows it processing my startup cypher file but the nodes are not created. Inlining the same cypher in the config file directly works fine. Any suggestions?

neo4j.conf file entry:
apoc.initializer.cypher=CALL apoc.cypher.runSchemaFile("file:///c:/neo4j/conf/BrewBeer.cypher");

BrewBeer.cypher file contents:
MERGE (a:Beer{Style: 'IPA'});

debug.log file entry:
[a.c.CypherInitializer] successfully initialized: CALL apoc.cypher.runSchemaFile("file:///c:/neo4j/conf/BrewBeer.cypher");

runSchemaFile is for indexes and constraints. Not for data.
That's runFile afaik