apoc.custom.declareFunction does not work with APOC

I have the following issue with APOC

When running the following example code (apoc.custom.declareFunction - APOC Extended Documentation) using the latest APOC library:

CALL apoc.custom.declareFunction(
'double(input::INT) :: INT',
'RETURN $input*2 as answer'

I expect the function 'double' to be created without issues.

But when I run this statement I get the following error:

Failed to invoke procedure apoc.custom.declareFunction : Caused by: org.neo4j.exceptions.SyntaxException: Type mismatch for parameter 'input': expected Float, Integer or Duration but was String (line 1, column 16 (offset: 15))
"EXPLAIN RETURN $input*2 as answer"

This issue does NOT occur when using APOC version!!!
Could you please fix this issue?

Versions used

  • OS: MacOS 12.3.1
  • Neo4j: 4.4.5
  • Neo4j-Apoc:

Answered here