Anybody able to integrate graphene(graphql) with django and Neo4j?

A few months ago, I was able to create an application using django and neo4j. In short, django handled the user accounts/authorization and render the html using the neo4j driver and writing way too much cypher. I was hoping to implement something similar to the JavaScript GRANDSTACK by using the graphene implementation of graphql seeing as I really do not know JS nor does the npx create-grandstack-app seem to work based on company restrictions. Even so, I can't seem to get graphene to work this way. In my django file, I have created the classes (labels) using neomodel, but graphene does not like to read them. Can anyone share what they have done, or should I just bag this idea and learn some javascript and hope that i can piece together a working stack? Thoughts?

You could write the Cypher queries yourself using the official python neo4j driver and by pass the graphene piece all together but that could turn into a lot of work.