Any way to persist manual layout

I thought there was a discussion about this here or in StackOverflow, but cannot find one.

For small-to-medium graphs that I wish to document and share, sometimes I drag nodes into a clear and pleasing arrangement. That can take some time... The next refresh of the query of course undoes the manual layout. Is there any way to cause the manual arrangement to persist? We can persist node size, color etc. by label. It would be great to be able to (optionally) save the position (absolute or relative) for some nodes (by label or name) and maybe let the rest of the nodes self-arrange. (Is that vague enough?)

I'm envisioning an extension to :style that would affect position. Does anything like that exist in Neo4j Browser?

While we're at it... how about a :style entry for varying the font size? Sometimes making a node label a bit smaller would enable it not to be cut off.

This is an essential feature that is missing from a lot of visualization apps. I found one but it was very complicated to use. I'll see if I can find it again.

It created a separate graph database containing layout and style information along side your graph. Separation of layout and style from the data is a good idea but needs work.

Similarly there is this tool that keeps layout in a markup file separate from the cypher. It's not integrated but holds great promise. Arrow Tool