Anuja - Neo4j Rookie!


I am a data analyst who dreams about an utopic-world where every bit of data is connected to every other bit of data and I am sliding on these silky fabrics of connectors. A fairy godmother told me Neo4j can do this for me so now I am trying to dissect the magic.

At work, when I am not analyzing data, I am begging people to add more relevant data, fiercely defending my analysis and looking for better tools.

That's all folks!


Welcome to the forum Anuja !

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Hello Anuja, wellcome! Glad you joined the forum, I loved your intro : D

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Hi Anuja - Great intro. We built our product (PepperSlice) just for people that are fiercely defending their analyses and looking for better tools. Added bonus - it's based on Neo4j! Let me know what you think and feel free to ask any questions.

Warmest regards,


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Hey Jeff! Followed your link.
"Julienne searched the PepperSlice Knowledge Graph for relevant insights. "
Aha! Keenly interested in (data)-[tools]->(decisions) work flow in a neo4j environment as part of
International Salmon Data Laboratory. This project is to develop "irresistible examples" -- starting with salmon problems, but of course widely applicable. Focus -> Excellence -> Adoption.
Obviously you have an important chunk of the basic problem: "evolving best appropriate practices."

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Hey Scott - Thanks for the shout out. Sign up for a free PepperSlice account (pepperslice . com) and contact me so that we can discuss how PepperSlice can best help International Salmon Data Laboratory.



Welcome! Hope the fairy godmother gets more of you over to Neo4j! We love your vision for a utopic world! :-)