Antonio Cicchetti - Model-Driven Engineering researcher

Hello everyone!
I am Antonio Cicchetti and I am a researcher at Mälardalen University (MDH), in Västerås, Sweden. My research area is industrial software engineering, and more specifically model-driven engineering. I come to know graph databases and Neo4j in the context of a research project devoted to decision making support for software architectures. Nonetheless, graph databases captured my interest outside that research context, since they are a very interesting approach to abstract real life phenomena (that indeed is one of the key points in modelling technics).

Keep in touch in the community!,

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Welcome to the forum Antonio !

Välkommen, Antonio
That is really interesting, my first project with Neo4j in 2008, was importing software structures, which led to the development of the open source software analytics tool
We just got accepted for a VISSOFT2018 paper presentation.
What kind of architectures are you looking at and which stacks? How to you gather that information?

Hi Michael!,
in the project, called ORION, we address component-based software architectures, and the granularity of the components is part of the variables in the decision cases. Each case represents a scenario where a decision has to be taken on whether to develop an asset in-house, outsource it, buy COTS, look for open source. The work is mainly empirical, so we collected decision cases through interviews and encoded them through a well-defined taxonomy (called GRADE). Those decision cases are now part of a "knowledge repository", whose intended use is to support newer decision scenarios by retrieving "similar" situations. Naturally, identifying similar cases is far from trivial. You can see the project details at
I went quickly through your software analytics tool web page and it looks quite interesting, maybe I will come back to you with questions at some point.