Announcing the Neo4j Speaker Program!

We're proud to announce the new Neo4j Speaker Program to help you get on stage and share your love of graphs!

What is the Neo4j Speaker Program?
Neo4j is offering up to $1,000 in travel stipend (and awesome swag!) for speakers that have been accepted to present on Neo4j-related topics or projects at selected conferences.

I want in! What do I need to do?
Every couple weeks, I will be emailing a list of conferences (with open Call for Proposals) that qualify for the program.

My suggestion - stay up-to-date with conferences that qualify and don't hesitate to apply (you have nothing to lose!)! :smile:

You can stay up-to-date two ways:

1. Receive open CFP emails right to your inbox by submitting yourself for the speaker program here.

2. Add tracking of speaking opportunities posted in the Neo4j community site Go to the 'Speaking Opportunities' category and set-up tracking to get updates of new posts!

Upon Submitting:
When you submit a talk to a conference, please email us to let us know []. If your talk gets accepted, we will provide you with next steps for travel, hotel booking, and swag shipment. We will also help promote your talk/workshop/presentation to the Neo4j community!

"I’ve never spoken at a conference before… I’m not sure where to start!"
Everyone starts somewhere! Put an idea together of what you’d like to present and send it to us. We are happy to provide feedback!

Have a conference you want to run by us?
If there's a conference you're interested in submitting to and don't see it on the list, please contact us []. Even if we aren't able to support with a travel stipend, we can still hook you up with some awesome speaker swag if you get accepted!