Anchor a request on a relationship with 4.3?

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Simple questions for the developers, regarding only the recent version of Neo4j 4.3
As I read, Neo4j can now create index on a relationship properties, so...

Can we anchor a request on a relationship?

That might change a lot of things, mostly drastically reducing the amount of graph refactoring you need to do to answer new questions related to data inside of these relationships.

Hi there, yes! After creating your index on a relationship type and property (or properties), you can now make that your starting point into the graph. You can view the EXPLAIN plan to make sure the index lookup is being used, and if not you can provide an index hint to nudge the planner into using it.

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It's a huge improvement, it means not only less refactoring but also it's easier to keep a graph humanly readable or intuitive while being able to ask more stuff :slight_smile:

If I'm right?