Always looking for Podcast Guests

Graphistania Podcast (online on a device near you!)

For about 3,5 years now, I have been having a tremendous amount of fun creating more than a hundred interviews and episodes where people can listen to and share their experience with graph databases and Neo4j. It's been a fantastic ride so far, as I continue to find new and interesting people to chat with. Over the years we seem to have built up quite a nice following: >500 subscribers, and >1000 pageviews for every podcast transcription. It's not a professional radio show, g0d no, but it's fun, easy and relaxed - and seems to reach an audience.

If you feel like you have a cool story to tell and would like to talk about it and spread the love through the podcast channel, then PLEASE let me know. I would love to see if we can schedule some time - should not take more than 30 minutes.

Here are some links for you to get inspired:

Please contact me on or on @rvanbruggen and we can talk about your work on Neo4j and graph databases.