Alternative to displaying the node name in Neo4j/ Neovis.js


We want to know that if it is possible to display the property as node-name , than the regular node name that the node takes.

Eg .

Match (request:Request_2) where request.description="FDR Addition Request"
Create (header:Parameter {name:"header", type:"array", api:"FDR Addition1"}),
(payload:Parameter {name:"payload", type:"array", api:"FDR Addition2"}),
(signature:Parameter {name:"signature", type:"String", api:"FDR Addition3"}),

Here the nodes that will be displayed is header,payload,signature. But i want the display names to be -> FDR Addition1, FDR Addition2, FDR Addition3. Is it possible ?

I think you will have to look and probably adapt the neovis source code for this.

Thanks . Understood.

Reference -
To be changed in config variable - >caption .

"Request": {
"thickness": "weight",
"caption": "value", // Over here.