Allocate more than 4 cores (Windows?) in Neo4j

I just got myself an AMD Threadripper and I was looking forward to rip the benefits of its 48 cores in my Neo4j applications.

I was disappointed to notice that only four cores are utilised by Neo4j even under very heavy loads e.g. querying a graph with 150 million nodes.

I tried to find out any references on the issue and I only came upon this reference:

But it refers only to Linux and to actually (de)allocating specific cores.

In Windows (UI) the affinity of the process to processor cores can be checked/set in the details section of the Task Manager...

In my case all processors are selected yet regardless of the load, my queries will just be assigned four cores.

How can we change this (on Windows)?

What kinds of queries are you running?

Usually cypher queries are only using a single core.
In apoc there are a number of procedures that support more cores as well for querying and updates (e.g. apoc.cypher.mapParallel or apoc.periodic.iterate)

There is a parallel runtime in progress that you can try to use with cypher runtime=parallel

Graph data science can use all cores with an enterprise license.