Algorithm On Subgraph


Is there any way to obtain a cypher projection on GDS but starting from a custom node? And then run an algorithm over that subgraph?

I would like to obtain the cypher projection starting from, let's say, Node-A, expand to 'n' hops (specifying the relationships) and then run any algorithm (pagerank for example).

I was thinking on this kind of query inside gds.graph.create.cypher :

MATCH (n:Node {id:'12345'})-[:REL*1..5]-(m) RETURN id(n) AS source, id(m) AS target

But I am not pretty sure about how to put the intermediate relationships (relationships between the other nodes while traversing the graph)

Here is an image of how I visualize it.

Thanks in advance

Hi @diego.ulloa13 ,

Have you tried something like :

CALL gds.graph.create.cypher(
  'MATCH (n:Node {id:'12345'})-[:REL*0..5]-(m) with distinct m return id(m) as id',
  'MATCH p = (n:Node {id:'12345'})-[:REL*1..5]-(m) UNWIND relationships(p) as r WITH distinct r return id(startNode(r)) as source, id(endNode(r))  as target')
  graphName AS graph, nodeQuery, nodeCount AS nodes, relationshipQuery, relationshipCount AS rels


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