algo.unionFind connected component

Hello All,
I'm a newbie in Neo4j.
I load a csv file (format: id) for the nodes and a csv file (format: id id share) for the relationships.
I look at the connected components but I want to consider only the major relationships (above 50%), so I use the following code:
CALL'LEU', 'controls', {weightProperty: 'share', threshold:50.1})
YIELD nodeId,setId
MATCH (n:LEU) WHERE id(n) = nodeId
SET n.cluster = setId

I create a property "cluster" in order to store the result.
After I display a certain cluster
MATCH (p:LEU) WHERE p.LEID = "403313330"
MATCH (n:LEU) WHERE n.cluster = p.cluster

I retrieve 9 nodes, perfect, then I click on the "Expand child relationships" menu and there I display a new node linked to one of the former via a relationship having more than 50%, how is it possible ?

Is algo.unionFind the correct algo to serach the connected component ?

I use the Neo4j CE 3.2.1 and Neo4j Browser 3.0.4.

Best regards,

Hi Depire, welcome to Neo4j! When running connected components, if you want to write the results back to the graph, you can skip the .stream part, and specify write:True, writeProperty:'cluster' in your algorithm call.

It should look something like this: `CALL algo.unionFind('LEU', 'controls', {weightProperty: 'share', write:true, writeProperty:'cluster', threshold:50.1})