Alex Babeanu - Identity Solutions Architect

Hi there,

So a brief intro then, I am:

  • a Solution Architect for Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • a Consultant with Nulli, based in Vancouver, BC, Canada - but with clients in the US too

Wait! IAM?! that's not Graph!
--> Well actually, we've discovered a few years ago that Graphs can help us solve a lot of Access Mgt problems in a wide variety of use-cases.

And above all, I have this feeling that I'm just skimming the surface of what's possible with Graphs! So willing to learn more!


Welcome to the forum Alex. I wasn't at GC but I'm looking forward to the video of your talk ! As all of us with a long history in IT know very well, the classical hierarchical (also a graph in fact) structure of access management has broken down / has been broken. Networks (graphs) rule supreme in that area.


Hi Tom,
Thanks! And yes couldn't agree more. Alas! LDAP Directories will still be around for the foreseeable future, as far as I can tell - just too many things depending on it. But in time ... :) .

All the best,