After loading the data everything converted as a node

I am new to Neo4j. I had some doubts regarding importing the data.
As i was trying to import my data to etl tool. I could see my whole data under nodes and the table coulmns as properties. Can anyone help me out why is this happening.

Thank you

Please provide the following information if you ran into a more serious issue:

  • neo4j version, - 3.5.6
    desktop version- 1.2.1
    browser version,- 3.2.20
    etl-tool version-1.4.2
  • which database do you want to import from - sap hana

Do you maybe have a sample from the DB that you're importing from? Like a CSV or something?

I am extracting the data from sap hana which is a database.

And i have attached an image where you can see the table name and column name

Can you describe a bit what your nodes are going to be and the relationships you're hoping to create between them? This is a good tool for describing the graph you're trying to build. It looks like you may be missing a step in telling the etl tool what you're trying to create.

Nodes - SID , From_host, Target_host
Relationships - protocol
properties - created, port

Are you using the desktop version or the command line tool? If you haven't already seen this, here's demo Neo4j ETL Tool - Interactive Relational Database Data Import - Neo4j Labs