Advice on updating CE appreciated

OK, so I'm fairly sure I really really ought to upgrade to a more recent version of Neo4j since I've not done so since I started using the system and that was three years ago: my database is still sitting on the 3.2.3 Community Edition version, and I'm running windows.

I assume that the Community Edition 4.1.1 is the correct thing for me to want to update to: I'm also assuming I'll need to faff about a lot with working out what PHP link-up tools there are/that the ones I'm using for 3.2.3 won't still work. What I don't know about and I'm struggling to find out is what about the data themselves and whether I'll need to in some way dump it out and re-import it or whether there's an easy way (or indeed whether I can just open a 3.2.3 database in 4.1.1 and it'll be fine).

Advice appreciated if anyone has any!

Hi James,
A 3.2.3 database cannot be upgraded to 4.1.1 directly as the store changes are too many for it to work directly.

Have a backup of existing db

First upgrade the instance to the latest 3.5.x. Make sure you have upgrade flag set to true in the conf.

Once the upgrade is complete verify the store is accessible in 3.5.x.

Now you can upgrade 4.x version.

Follow the same procedure with the upgraded 3.5.x db.

If your PHP client is using bolt driver then you might still be able to use them to talk to the default db in 4.x. Haven't worked with PHP drivers, so there might still be some work to do for you.

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