Adding properties to a node in Bloom blanks the UI

Using Bloom 2.0.0 with Neo4j Desktop
When adding properties to a node, not all existing properties are displayed, typing the name of the property (e.g. 'description') shows a menu option 'Create description' and clicking it causes the entire bloom window to go blank. Must select Developer -> Reload to get the UI back. No property is created.

Context: I have nodes with label 'Capability', and properties of name, description, version, greatness.

  1. Double click a node to bring up info panel, click 'Add property'
  2. Note that existing properties for other nodes with the same label may not be visible (separate issue, but noting it here for now). I see version and greatness, but not name and description
  3. Type in the menu displayed from step 1 'description'
  4. Note that the option 'Create description' is displayed.
  5. Click on option displayed in step 4
    Bloom UI goes blank.

Note: I think I discovered why some existing properties were not showing up in the Add property menu - they had array (String) and data types mixed with basic String data types. Once I removed the array type properties they showed up in the list of available properties.