Add database with user to Neo4j


I am attempting to create a platform where each user gets his/her own db.
However, I have been unable to find (in the docs or the forum) an explanation on how to add a new DB and then assign a user (only) to this db.
So the user should only be able to access his/her own db(s). (or are Users per DB anyway?)
Is this possible with Neo4j Enterprise user management? (If so, how?/where to find it in the docs?)
or will I just have to create a new DB; and do the rest in my application logic?

Also: Could you please show me where to find the doc page that explains how to add a db to a neo4j server? (so that i can query one DB and then [without server restart] query another db)

Thanks very much :slight_smile:

Neo4j is not multi-tenant, so 1 Neo4j server = 1 database = 1 graph

If you want to have multiple graphs, you need to install multiple Neo4j servers (and don't forget to change their ports).

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