Adam Rentschler -- startup founder, lover of graphs


I am excited to see how the post-Slack community evolves!

About two years ago, we bet our company on Neo4j by migrating 95% of our datastore from MySQL to Neo. We've been live for about 6 months on the new stack: React, Ruby, Neo, plus a bit of Python for analytics and pushing data around in the backend.

I'm looking forward to bootstrapping our way back into our next round of development to build new Neo functionality.

I hope I can be a little helpful to some of you. Have a great weekend,


Great to have you here Adam ... welcome !

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Hi Adam!

Welcome! That sounds really cool - would love to learn what you guys are building when you are ready to share! :)

PS. There's also a really cool stack you might be interested in checking out with React, GraphQL, Apollo, & Neo4j -


Thanks, @neo4j_devrel!