Accessing Neo4j on local network

I have a XAMPP Apache server running PHP and NEO4j on a Mac Pro/High Sierra. I am accessing a PHP page from another mac on the same network. The PHP page is loading fine but data is not being retrieved from my Neo4j install. Neo4j is still working fine in the server computer browser but seems to be inaccessible remotely.

I've updated neo4j.conf file uncommenting the line below without luck:


Any suggestions about why this is happening or what to look for would be really appreciated!

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any local firewall blocking access?

No, no firewall. The server is connected by ethernet to an Apple Airport wifi network. Unless Apple has some built in firewall I don't know about there isn't one.

I don't know Apple at all, but if you use default_listen setting as mentioned, it should listen on all network interfaces.

hey , i am facing the same issue. i have setup my vuejs application on xampp, i am new to neo4j, could you help me out as to what i have to do exactly?