About time I'm here!

Hi everyone!

I'm Bea, from Spain. It's about time I log in the community platform! I've been working with Neo4j for two years now, and testing new packages, and giving graph talks here and there so I'm so happy we get to share this space.

Some news, the group R-Ladies Madrid which I co-organise will be hosting the Global Graph Celebration Day in 2019 so I'm hoping we see every graphist from Madrid there!


Woot, welcome Bea !!

Thanks for being so amazing and doing and presenting so many cool things with R and Neo4j. And of course for organizing RLadies Madrid. Have fun and good luck with the GGCD in Madrid!

Looking forward to your new content around neo4r. Here you can help everywhere but especially for questions in #drivers-stacks:r

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Thank you, Michael! Checking it out right now :hugs:

You're late, but you're here, so I am happy!!!! :heart:

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