About Bhojendra

I am Bhojendra Rauniyar. I have 10+ years of experience in UX/UI and Frontend Development.

Recently, I am trying to learn Backend Development. After a lot of research, I have chosen Python language for a good reason to become a data scientist in coming future. Choosing a language only will not lead me to go to the cutting edge of technology. So, I also did a lot of effort to find NEO4J useful in large scale to my dream path.

Though, I am new to Python, Neo4j, Cypher, I hope to dive into deep water without any suffocation.

Thanks and Regards,
Bhojendra Rauniyar

Welcome Bhojendra! Thanks for introducing yourself :-)

Please come up for air now and then and ask questions so that you don't suffocate in the deep water!

Also, it'd be great if as you learn you can share information with other developers on the community.

Best wishes as you learn Neo4j, Cypher and Python. There are a lot of powerful things you can do with that combination.


Welcome! Sounds like an exciting endeavor!
We're here if you need us! :slight_smile:

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