A way to presente neo4j

Hi , I am interested in presenting neo4j as a tool together with information i personally collected,while also doing a live demonstration.

For my demonstration it is important that all the nodes will stay in the same position, i tried setting up the graph beforehand but it takes a lot of time...

Is there an easy way\tool to save the state of the graph and reopen it at a later date?

Export to svg or png with the Noe4j's browser.

Or I think you can do it with Bloom if you are using Neo4j Desktop

Hey Gabriel , thank you for the answer but it is not quite what i need.
svg or png are nice if you dont want to move the nodes which i do.

The problem with bloom is that it saves your open prespective of the nodes and relationships you opened before , but if you want them to be positioned in specific way it's not enough.Once you close bloom and reopen it , every change in the position of the graph is not saved , unless i'm missing something bloom is not the right tool for me

Bloom is focused on the presentation part of the data, I won't be surprise if you could find something or request a function for it.

@sebastian.wictorin Any thoughts about an approach for this with Bloom?

Hey @anu1nh2! In the near future, we are looking to save node positions of your current Scene (no more scrambling around your restored Scene). We are also looking to add a way to Save Scenes, so that you can revisit any Scene of interest.

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