A warm hello from a code enthusiast lawyer from germany :)

Hello and "Moin", as we say in Northern Germany, all together :)

Who I am: my name is Heiko, I am a trained commercial lawyer, currently living in Germany and professionally I am mainly concerned with questions of IT and data protection law. Without having a certain affinity to IT I would never have chosen this specialization ;)

Why I want to join the Neo4j community: I am a friend of patterns and structures. When doing legal empirical analyses of hundreds of sources on a topic (e.g. in the form of court decisions or disputes in the technical literature) I quickly reach the limits of what can be visually grasped with tabular representations. I was searching for a long time for a tool to generate patterns and structures between these sources in the analyses visually and dynamically. Neo4j seems to me to be well suited for this.

After the book "Graph Databases (for Dummies) - Neo4j Special Edition" by Dr. Jim Webber & and Rik Van Bruggen, I now want to go deeper into the matter and I am looking forward to the discussion in the community :)

Best wishes, see you soon and stay healthy!

Hello and welcome!

Deep dive into complex patterns is a great fit for Neo4j. As you think of questions be sure to do some searching to see if something similar has been asked. This might also help you connect with individuals approaching similar problems!

Welcome again :slight_smile: