A username cannot contains @?

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I'm using Neo4j 4.2.2 and I would like to know what's the community found as solutions to use an email as a username in Neo4j. It's not possible to use character like @ or -.

We are not using or duplicating the user management in you website, we use those from Neo4j.

Thank you

Per Naming rules and recommendations - Cypher Manual

Non-alphabetic characters, including numbers, symbols and whitespace characters, can be used 
in names, but must be escaped using backticks. For example: `^n`, `1first`, `$$n`, and `my 
variable has spaces`. Database names are an exception and may include dots without the need
for escaping. For example: naming a database foo.bar.baz is perfectly valid.
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Humm...I feel dumb, mostly because I knew about theses :blush:

Thanks for the recall @dana.canzano

Keep in mind, you CAN allow for special characters by wrapping the username in backticks!

create user `gabriel@here.com` set password 'this_works' change not required

Thanks @andrew.bowman , already solved!