A digital transformation engagement platform


Within DXC technology we have been looking at the shift from classic IT outsourcing to Digital Transformation and the direct impact and acceleration of core business capabilities of our clients can achieve through new technologies.

To help understand and address these new client demands I am leading a project call "DXC Digital Explorer", the Digital Explorer platform is a connected graph across the whole engagement life cycle.

  1. Understand the "digital" industry use case and their enabling technologies
  2. Shape a client's roadmap based on their strategic goals and how technology can help reach the clients goals
  3. Take ideas from the roadmaps and create projects and solution.

All connected within neo4j; allowing the platform to make recommendations and give supply and demand investment insights for both clients and our internal stakeholders.

You can view the datamodel and other specifications here and access the site directly (you'll need to register for an account) here

oh we also won the graphie aware for digital transformation at last years Graph Connect conference :smiley: :trophy:

Welcome any feedback or ideas.
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Here is David's presentation on this project on the Neo4j Online Meetup:

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