A BME grad looking to get a grip of data science


I'm Daniel. I graduated from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest with a BSc in Medical Engineering - Biomaterials and Medical Devices and have worked with medical software ever since, first as a Software Consultant (Implementantion, Training and Support) and now as a QA Analayst for Clinical Trial software solutions.

I started to learn Python from DataCamp and Neo4j is my next step towards securing a foundation in Data Science, which I now believe it's invaluable to the health care sector, both industry and academic.
The amount of unused data is too damn high, and I'm saying that from short experience with EHRs and other medical software.

I'm looking forward to meet like-minded people from this community and helping each other fulfill our professional goals.

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Welcome Daniel,

and good luck in your work + research. You might be interested in the implants dataset, and the work from our intern Yaqi Shi There is also much interesting work going on in the life sciences community.

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