A bit of seasonal 🎄 Bloom fun?

Hello everybody!

Something struck me today as I was making a warm beverage this morning... Given we're fast approaching Christmas, what is more quintessentially fitting for the season than.... A Christmas tree!

It dawned on me, with the new Bloom hierarchical layouts, along with being able to colour Nodes and Relationships, adjust sizes and thicknesses, add icons, etc., it would be rather possible to draw a Christmas tree in Bloom.

Whilst not strictly a proper graph, it is a fun way to explore the different elements that Bloom has to offer. I'm going to have a go myself, and I'd love to see the screenshots of what you come up with too!

Don't forget you can either access Bloom on a local database using Neo4j Desktop, and you have Bloom enabled on the Blank Sandbox.



I like to think of this first attempt as a 'work in progress' :joy:

I'll have a few more goes I'm sure. If you'd like my dataset, please let me know!