502 Bad Gateway Error

Good morning!

Getting a 502 bad gateway error this morning in codesandbox. I have restarted both the Neo4j Sandbox session and the codesandbox session and browser.



Hi Greg,

Is this still out? We haven't noticed an issue on our end, so I can't tell whether it was specific to this instance or somewhere along the path from codesandbox to Neo4j sandbox.

FYI you've included your password in the screenshot above. I assume this is not sensitive data. :)

I've tried connecting using the information provided but that machine does not appear to be up. Were you originally able to connect directly using Neo4j Browser?


Good morning Andreas,

Thank you for following up. I spent the last 3 days disassembling my office and moving it to a new room and moving my brother into that room. Including, trying to install an air conditioner not designed for the type of window!

Before I disassembled, I started to repeatedly have issues with my connectivity. I am pretty sure I had bad connectivity that day. I am getting everything put back together and will get back to the class in a few hours. I am 99% sure it is my connectivity.

Thanks again! The community's support of newbies is amazing, thank you.


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